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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Kanye West Loses $10million In Sales

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Kanye West Loses $10million In
Sales Due To Pirated Copies Of His
Album After It Was Released On
Kanye West took a huge financial hit due to
the poor roll out of his new album The Life of
Pablo. His latest work has been pirated and
downloaded so many times since its release
that the rapper has lost $10million in sales. This
all comes at a time when West has claimed he is
$53million in debt.
The New York Post reports that if the 500,000
people who illegally downloaded the album in
its frist day had paid the $20 it cost to buy the
album West would have personally made

Kanye revealed on Monday that his album will
never go on sale and will only ever be available
on Tidal, the digital music service which is
subscription based and owned by his friend Jay
Z and other music artists.
'My album will never never never be on Apple.
And it will never be for sale… You can only get it
on Tidal,' wrote Kanye on Twitter.
'Please to all my friends fans and music lovers.
Sign up to Tidal now.'
Tidal costs $10 to $20 a month, with fans able
to get their first month for free.

West may be able to make up that $10million
he lost in album sales though, as fellow rapper
The Game said he would give him that exact
amount as an investment if he came to Dubai
to skydive with him on Thursday.
West has yet to respond to this offer.
On Monday, West also expressed his anger
towards Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, New York
Times over their reception of his new album.
It was a bit surprising considering Pitchfork
gave his album a very good 9/10 rating, Rolling
Stone has given the work extensive coverage
and the Times wrote in their review; 'Now his
rapping is sparser, more pointed, less imagistic
and more emotional. And when he truly needs
to be heard, he can corral a dream team of
collaborators. He's so fluent that he can use
others to speak for him, and be understood
clear as day.'
On that same night he also called Puff Daddy
'the most important cultural figure in my life,'
said that white people 'don't understand what
it means to be the great grandson of ex slaves'
and also noted that the 'system is designed for
colored people to fail and one of our only
voices is music.'
Kanye's rant came on the same night as the
Grammys, where he was nominated for four
awards including one for Best Album for his
work producing the Weeknd's Beauty Behind
the Madness. He lost in all four of his
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