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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Freeze said SAN threatened to file a lawsuit against Tiwa Savage on behalf of TeeBlizz for destroying his reputation

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OAP Freeze said someone called him yesterday and introduces himself as SAN-senior Advocate of Nigeria- he want to
fill a lawsuit against Tiwa on Behalf of TBillz,
for character assassination
And he wrote"

"Dear Social Media Users,
The Internet has been buzzing with the Tiwa
& T Billz saga since Thursday, and opinions
are divided into two schools. There is
#TeamTiwa where the supporters are of the
mindset that Tiwa was cheated and abused
by Billz who is the devil, while the devotees of
#TeamTbillz are clamoring that Tiwa went
overboard with her interview and the damage
to T Billz was excessive. I'm sorry to say this,
but what we have here is not an Arsenal vs
Man-U match, where one team wins. In fact,
to be entirely logical, none of them can win.
Sir Isaac Newton's third law of motion, states
that "for every action, there is an equal and
opposite reaction" and if used as a reference,
we will end up with a constant chain of
action-reaction scenarios, which is the perfect
formula for a lose-lose situation.
If you really love Tiwa, you won't want the
father of her first son to be dragged in the
mud, so stop celebrating his pain. I read
today, that Banky's mum kicking Billz out of
Banky's flat, as an aftermath of Tiwas
interview. If you think Tiwa holds the Aces
now, think again, because a gentleman called
me earlier today, introducing himself as a
senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN), and that he
want to file a lawsuit against Tiwa on Behalf
of TBillz, sighting character assassination and
demanding a scary amount of money in
punitive damages. He went on to say that the
destruction to Billz reputation is irreparable.
He went on to inform me that legally, the
onus would be on Tiwa to prove that he
actually used the drugs which won't be an
easy task.
I had to plead with him for almost an hour
before he could change his mind. In the same
vein, if you are a die hard Billz fan damaging
Tiwa's reputation won't help him as she
remains the mother of his son Jamil. Tiwa is
also an important factor in the determination
of Jamil's moral upbringing, as he would be in
her custody till he attains majority.
Whether we accept it or not, Tiwa and TBillz
are both victims here. Therefore, the ONLY
winning team is #TeamJamil and for this team
to win, both his parents have to be respected
and prayed for.
Thank you."

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