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Monday, August 1, 2016

Photos: Motorcylist who broke his back, lost his leg and arm becomes a bodybuilder MirroUK

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Mirro uk reports
Jay vowed to himself to do everything he could to build his strength back up and hit the gym , making up is his mind that not even his condition could stop him.

"When I came out of the coma I was in a bad way" said Jay. "I had a fractured spine, my arm wasbroken in three places, I had a shattered collarbone, elbow, wrist, and pelvis, and four broken ribs puncturing both lungs.

"My right leg had been torn off above the knee, and I had ripped the nerves out controlling most of my right arm, making it almost useless.

"I felt sickened and didn't know how I could face life with half of my body missing or not functioning."

"I was determined to get back on track and to get as fit and as strong as I could. As soon as I got my artificial leg I went back to work as a mechanic and hit the gym."

Unable to exercise the damaged right side of his body he focused on his left, defying the advice of his doctors to train hard and changed his diet, giving up junk food and eating a specially
constructed diet

"I could feel myself getting stronger and the gains spurred me on to train even harder," he says.

Now in a good shape, 7 years later, Jay now weighs an amazing 14 stone, double what he weighed at the time of his injury.
Jay's girlfriend Gemma Johnson also plans to become a personal trainer so that the couple, who first bonded over their love of exercise, can work together and achieve great things together..

"Now Gemma and I train together all the time and we have even started taking part in contests together, both winning awards and being recognised for our efforts."

"I thought my life was over but the truth was it was only just beginning. Thanks to the support of friends and family and my love of the gym I have
turned it all around and now I'm in the best shape of my entire life. I feel great."

"I love life and I hope my story shows that everyone can achieve a great level of fitness, no matter what the obstacles might be."

Source: Mirror UK
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