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Monday, August 1, 2016

@SaharaReporters uncovered that 'Patient At Center Of #SaveMayowa Campaign Found To Be Truly Sick' the Next day @lindaIkeji , blogged that its scam alert

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SaharaReporters is not just cabal of reporter but with awesome and passionate team! There report is always cool and persistence wish keep them scaling higher.

The Nigeria Blogger, Linda Ikeji always make a spash, as she posted that the #savemayowa was a scam some fans react negatively as have posted earlier.

The next day(29th july) Nigeria reporter Sahara reporters reported it was true here

The Shara reporter corresponded confirmed it on Monday, July 25, 2016.

A statement from LUTH disclosed that Ms. Ahmed had been to other medical labs where she was diagnosed with "intra-abdominal mass," adding that she had been a patient at LUTH for other health conditions. A medical report revealed that Ms. Ahmed is also a sickle cell patient. Sahara reporters reported.

From Shara report ther concluded
" SaharaReporters emailed Emory International Hospital, which reportedly provided Ms. Ahmed's family with an estimate for her treatment cost.

The hospital directed our correspondent to its Media Relations Department, but the department
could not be reached via the number given. Ms. Ahmed's family has said they now plan to fly her to Abu Dhabi instead, but they never mentioned
any hospital.

The Lagos state police command said they were looking into the whole controversy. Its spokesman, Dolapo Badmos, said, "The Command wishes to inform all the good spirited people who had donated generously to this cause that it will ensure it [is] not a hoax," said the police, adding that the outcome of the investigation "shall be
made public."

Ms. Ahmed's family members have forcefully denied the scam allegation, insisting that the patient was truly sick and needed to be flown out of the country to receive medical treatment. On social media, those sympathetic to the family have rebuked those accusing them of seeking to defraud unsuspecting Nigerians. They have also
accused blogger Ms. Linda Ikeji of engaging in click-baiting.

SaharaReporters also learned, however, that her family apparently took her to LUTH, not for treatment of her ovarian cancer but so the hospital could stabilize her health enough to enable her to travel abroad. LUTH officials said they informed the patient's family that she was not fit for any travel, but the family insisted that all they wanted was that the hospital should boost her health to the point where she would be able to travel.

In their statement, LUTH disclosed that the patient's family "requested to fly Miss Ahmed outside the country barely 24 hours after her admission in LUTH, thus stalling all the planned investigations meant to arrive at a definitive diagnosis. We were able to transfuse her with much-needed blood only after lots of persuasions where the family was told point blank that it was
risky for her to travel by air, given her low blood count."

Credit: Full story @

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