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Friday, September 30, 2016

Could This Be Real? Self-Confessed Runs Girl Claims This Is Coming Out Of Her V@g!na (Photos)

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I bumped into instagram yesterday, “lo and behold” I was shocked when I read her story on one instagram page named @dontbreakmyheart_again.The poster pleaded to be anonymous while narrating her story. 

She narrated on how she has rocked life dating only the wealthy I.e Alhaji(s), politicians, and yahoo guys provided the person is handsomely loaded.Her life changed all of a sudden when she started noticing her body was no longer the same as it used to be. Sometimes, two or three maggots will fall from her vag!na. 

She also advised young ladies to be satisfied with what they have. While she seeks advice from pastors, doctors and people that can render advice in this kind of situation. Below are some of the screen shots of some users.@dontbreakmyheart_again is a page that proffers solution likewise advice on relationship and marital traumas for both married and singles.MAGGOTS IN MY VAGINA HIDE MY ID MA,Please house I seriously need your help. I am a lady of 28years old, ive rocked a life alot.

i followed both married, politicians, Alhajis and yahoo guys provided you can foot my bills. I’m also beautiful and well endowed too. I have aborted 9 pregnancy now,I dont normally take drugs, because I’ll use the opportunity to extort money from my “BLESSERS” Anytime you see me,you will see me and different cars/jeep. I do travel out to different states as long as you have the cash. 

You know what I mean? I never knew this life will become miserable for me someday..people keeps advising me,yet I pay little or no families has given up on me,only few friends. I think I’m dieing slowly now, because my pussy is always smelling, whitish substance are coming out,eveyday I get to see 2 to 3 maggots.

 I dont know what to do,I feel like commiting suicide,so I decided to seek peoples advice/prayers and encouragement. 

This should also serve as a lesson to those babes that are into big big things. I pray God give me second chance again.. kindly tag pastors,friends,counselors,nurses and those people you feel can give advice on this kind of situation. Pls help me,I beg you all.‎
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